1st Place Prizes, Warm Receptions, and My Talk with Ban Ki Moon: An Update on OSA DC’s Progress

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It’s been a busy year for the team here at OSA DC, and developments have especially picked up over the past few months.

We’ve been showcasing our project at conferences all around the world to get the word out on the revolutionary work we are undertaking. Since the beginning of the year, we’ve attended 15 conferences in 10 countries across 3 continents. At the d10e conference in Seoul, South Korea, we had the honor of being awarded the 1st place prize for best tech startup.

Each conferences was a success in its own right, but as the 1st place prize at d10e suggests, our ventures into South Korea were especially fruitful. I personally had the privilege to attend the Synco Blockchain Conference in Seoul at the end of March, and the overall feedback and reception OSA DC received was nothing shy of glowing.

All of our ideas — the current available product with the OSA Hybrid Platform and the future product we’re working towards with OSA DC — were very well received. The project itself is vast and ambitious, so most observers initially responded to it by saying, “Yes, this is a great idea, but it’s too big — how do you plan to implement it?” Little did they know, the OSA Hybrid Platform is already being used by companies like Coca Cola, Danone, and MARS and that our business model is already profitable.

When we told them this, they were shocked. “Wow,” they’d say. “You’ve built it and you’re already making money from it? That’s huge!”

Of course, our the OSA Hybrid Platform is largely for business to business enterprise solutions. Business from all over the world, be it China, Japan, Korea, Russia, the United States, are very receptive of our model and welcome its solutions.

But at Synco Blockchain and other conferences and meetups, we introduced OSA DC and its business to consumer solutions to a wider audience. Many attendees in these audiences were potential contributors — your every day individuals who could benefit from transparent product information and smart shopping solutions.

When we introduced the OSA DC product, the consumer’s role on the platform, and how it will make shopping easier and safer for retail customers, they were thrilled. Everywhere we went, those who listened to our pitch showed great enthusiasm for the project and its potential. Some — and this happened more often than not — even stood up during the demonstration and said things like, “Thank you! I’ve had enough with retailers and their practices. I have two kids and I don’t know what groceries to buy; I don’t know what is in the food I’m purchasing because I don’t trust the product information. This is exactly what we need.”

OSA DC will certainly help businesses to cut back on waste and increase their bottom lines. But behind these solutions, the platform’s business to consumer tools will make shopping a safer and more efficient experience for retail customers all over the world — with OSA DC, we’re ushering in the era of the smart consumer, helping individuals stay healthy and save money with our AI and blockchain-based Data Master Catalog.

It was wonderful to connect with so many businesses and consumers who resonated with OSA DC’s mission. There was one encounter in particular during my trip to Korea, however, that was especially fruitful: my meeting with former UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki Moon.

OSA DC | ico news

I was invited to a lunch with Ban Ki Moon, and we discuss the impact of blockchain on legacy businesses and the widespread issues of global hunger and the tens of billions of dollars in annual food waste. Obviously, this is where OSA DC came into the conversation; we talked about the benefits blockchain and AI solutions could bring to the retail industry, and I also extended OSA DC’s AI application to your average household, wherein this artificial intelligence could track and mitigate product waste within each home. We call this reliable AI, which focuses on minimizing product waste, not helping businesses increase profits.

We then discussed how OSA DC could help consumers make healthier decisions. With our Data Master Catalog, customers can crosscheck any product’s information/nutrition facts to find the healthiest foods possible; and all of this information is secured by the immutability of the blockchain’s distributed ledger, meaning it is fully transparent and can’t be altered.

All of these concepts were well received by Ban Ki Moon, and he said he is interested in tracking the project’s growth. By leaguing ourselves up with prominent political figures like Ban Ki Moon, we have left the doors open for cooperation with governments, leading scientists, and other public sector entities in the future, all of which can help us achieve our dream and deliver retail solutions that will benefit the entire human race.

As you can see, it’s truly a busy and exciting time for all of us here at OSA DC. The reception we received at international conferences and Ban Ki Moon’s interest in the project demonstrate that the fruits of our labor are flowering forth into a project that is quickly growing into its potential. Like a bloom in the Spring day’s sun, OSA DC is truly blossoming. As we continue into the next phases of the project, our ICO, product development, and our expansion into Asian and American markets, we’re excited to see the impact of our solutions take shape. We’re confident that, once people see how our platform revolutionizes product information verification and shopping services, OSA DC will make waves in the retail industry. With OSA DC, smart consumers will have their interests protected to lead healthier lives, all while businesses cut back on costly product waste.

The future is bright, and we’re looking to it with great optimism. Together, we can work together to change retail for the better — one transparent product at a time.

Avanti con amore!

OSA DC | ico news
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