Meet the Man with a Purpose – Exclusive Interview with OSA DC CEO Alex Isaiev

OSA DC is a company that with its sights set on improving the Retail industry by using an AI-driven blockchain-based platform to help overcome inefficiencies in inventory and supply chain processes for retailers.

It does this with the company’s proprietary OSA Hybrid Platform, an AI-powered platform helping retail stores maintain optimal levels of shelf availability in real-time, an impressive feature unique to the platform.

Unlike other projects, the OSA HP has already been in use since 2016, with the platform generating impressive returns for large corporations and businesses like Coca-Cola, DANONE, L’Oreal and Mars.

Although businesses benefit from the platform’s various features, others in the industry, such as data providers and end consumers, can also enjoy the advantages of OSA HP. This is because the platform offers solutions for the entire industry. In fact, those who benefit the most are the end consumers themselves, so there’s really no bias in the company’s approach.

Aside from overcoming the challenges of both over- and understocking, OSA DC is also seeking to improve supply chains. The goal is to help businesses accurately and quickly track products from the moment they leave the warehouse to the moment they reach a customer.

We recently sat down with OSA DC CEO to chat about the project and learn more about their thoughts and insights.

Alex Isaiev is the OSA DC Co-founder, Business Development Lead With over 17 years of experience in 57 countries, Alex is an FMCG retail and duty free industries veteran who has served in just about any role in the industries (sales, key account management, trade marketing, marketing and supply chain). Alex spent 14 years with Japan Tobacco International in marketing and trade marketing roles, with a focused responsible for CEE and Central Asia markets and promoting shopper loyalty and category management. In 2014, Alex founded Mania Business Simulations, one of the world’s top business simulation training providers that offers its services in 16 countries. From 1990-2002 Alex created and grew businesses in various industries: food production and distribution, automotive spare parts distribution, catering services, patent registration services, video production. Alex has university degrees in economy, sociology and marketing.

Hello there! Thanks for joining us today. Can you tell us more about OSA DC?

AI: I’m excited to turn our excising AI-driven Big Data platform into a decentralized solution for the world of consumers, and I’m happy that OSA is becoming a leader in the decentralization movement by developing and deploying real life applications. OSA DC is a decentralized marketplace of AI solutions for consumers, retailers, and manufactures. We unite various disconnected parties, such as data providers, data science and IT development teams, computation power providers (such as mining farms), and others, into one powerful force.

OSA’s ecosystem aims to develop AI and Blockchain-driven solutions to improve Retail industry inefficiencies. Currently, our main focus is the development of a personal digital assistant for consumers, which will provide them with the choice of making conscious and educated purchasing decisions.

Our application will be used by millions of shoppers daily. As a benefit of using OSA’s service, shoppers will be rewarded with OSA coins, and large brands will grant cash back to shoppers with OSA coins. An important element of this reward system is a wide range of possibilities for shoppers to use OSA coins, including buying products in the stores of our retail partners.

We are committed to engagement in the world of cryptocurrencies, with thousands of retailers, millions of manufacturers, and billions of shoppers!

Tell us about how you came up with the idea of OSA DC. Did you personally face a problem within the industry or do you think there is a gap in the market for OSA DC to fill?

AI: First, I have been working in the consumer product Retail industry for 17 years, in 57 countries around the globe. Throughout my career, I saw many issues with inefficiencies in Retail from both the manufacturer and retailer side.

Three and a half years ago, we decided to develop an AI-driven solution for product availability issues. Once we successfully deployed our platform, we received many requests from manufacturers and retailers to improve other challenges. At the time, we were a startup of less than 50 people and we lacked sufficient resources to fight against the difficulties in retail. We decided to unite with other teams worldwide and pool our resources together.

Second, I am a shopper and I am on a diet. I do not eat sugar or salt, and I also have 3 daughters, 3 beautiful princesses. As a responsible father, I want to feed my kids healthy food. You can imagine how shopping has become a nightmare.

Just imagine shelves full of thousands of products and I need to read tiny text on each package to find the products I want. I lose hours and hours of time. I also noticed that many ingredients that are dangerous for our health are still used in product manufacturing.

I am proud that OSA has developed technologies that can be used to help consumers like you and I.

What do you think is the biggest problem OSA DC will solve and why is it important to solve it?

AI: Our digital assistant will deliver the most important thing to people: a prescription for how to live longer and healthier lives, provided by our AI technology. We are committed to significantly reducing product waste.

An impressive bonus of OSA DC is that the more clients that use the platform, the cheaper it’ll be for the clients. Does this savings affect new clients or do they affect all clients in the platform and is there a point where the cost reduction stops?

AI: These savings affect our first adapters, companies who believed in us when we were just starting out. We are extremely thankful to the companies and individuals who supported our idea and stood behind our project. Special thanks to the teams from Mars, Efes, Coca-Cola, Loreal, JTI, Danone, and X5 Retail Group.

Is this sustainable in the long-term in terms of finances for OSA DC? Surely it’d lose the company money if the price of the platform’s services drops more and more every time?

AI: The beauty of the story is that prices can be regulated by the market in a decentralized way. It’s important to understand that the only resource which becomes cheaper over time is computation power. AI solutions dramatically improve the efficiency of key business processes, and we are only at the beginning of the greatest wave humanity has ever seen. This wave will totally revolutionize not only the way we live and work, it will change the way we think.

An interesting part about OSA DC is the use of image recognition to help retailers manage their shelves and inventory. How did you come with the idea of using image recognition as a tool in OSA DC? Are there any significant advantages of using image recognition over not using at all for retailers?

AI: Image Recognition can be limited due to human-required actions. When we deployed our service and our AI was sending tasks in real time to the store’s employees, 50% of the employees did NOT execute the tasks properly. Quite often, they simply lied by providing incorrect reports. We then started to use IR to control employees’ functions. Just imagine – AI sends tasks to a human operator and another AI controls the human’s actions. Unfortunately, I’ve come to the conclusion that manual actions are ineffective in retail processes.

Additionally, IR helps us gather information about product availability of slow-moving items.

Source: Chipin