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OSA decentralized is built on the already proven OSA Hybrid Platform, which is successfully delivering its services to over 20 retailers and manufacturers
Founders have already contributed $4.2mln USD towards the development and deployment of the platform
It has generated over $1 million USD revenue since its launch

Big brands use our service

We have launched the pilot for OSA's product and we're extremely pleased. Upon our initial testing, we immediately saw the effectiveness of this service and we believe that, once new chains and suppliers are added to the fold, the platform's efficacy will only continue to prove itself.
Sergey Tsigichka
Customer Service Development Manager
We have been participating in the OSA HP pilot for more than one year already. We're very pleased with the results. 
Combined with other tools, like image recognition, this online-information that comes from retail stores brings even greater value for us.
Alexey Okhlopkov
Sales Operations Manager
At Efes, we ran tests with OSA HP that indicate we can achieve 3-7% real sales growth with the platform's services. OSA and image recognition help us to establish additional key performance indicators (KPIs), which we can use to evaluate and improve operations with our partners. The value OSA provides is simple and multi-faceted: sales growth, revenue growth, and increased satisfaction from both shoppers and retail chains.
Sergey Perchenok
Modern Trade Director
Our company believes in this project, so we are actively using it in our services and contributing to its development. OSA HP is based on the most innovative technologies in image recognition, AI, and big data. This service will be boon for retailers, manufacturers, and consumers all over the world.
Victor Zhilyaev
Key Count Chain Relation Manager
We are currently using the OSA Hybrid Platform, and the more we test it with our projects, the more we see its potential.
Elena Voronova
National Category Key Account Manager


Smart contracts and blockchain for retail
We collect fragmented data from the entire supply chain and use machine learning to process, analyze, and clean it.
Smart contracts protect interests of both data providers and consumers, as a unique set of KPIs, product ratings, and rewards are stored on the blockchain to secure them from manipulation.
AI and Blockchain in Retail

OSA Technologies

Big Data
in real-time

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OSA Hybrid Platform, "Office Interface" Demonstration
OSA Hybrid Platform "In-Store Interface" Demonstration


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