Dear partners and token-holders. 
Thank you for your support!

As planned, the results of tokens sales have been tabulated. 
Here are the statistics for your kind consideration: 
- Final total supply: 

- Amount of ETH raised during token sales: 
26860.64 ETH

Crypto assets have been raised starting from November 2017 until the end of August 2018 when both the latest contracts and partially paid contracts have been signed and executed.

- As a result, there are unsold tokens which are to be burnt on March 22nd. 
Amount of tokens to be burnt: 

- As soon as these tokens are burnt, the tokens for Advisors and the Team tokens will be distributed (please note, exchanges’ e-wallets are not accepted and token distribution shall not be provided to such e-wallets).

Each Token holder is kindly asked to provide proof that the owner’s wallet does not belong to any of exchanges in order to get the whole amount of tokens at once. Otherwise, tokens will be distributed by parts according to a lock-up strategy.

Thank you so much and let’s move forward with the project’s development!